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About Us
Chinalawinfo Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech legal information company established by the prestigious Peking University on the basis of its Legal Information Center. The Legal Information Center of Peking University is committed to developing Chinese laws in electronic database and a computer-assisted legal research system for Chinese law. Since 1985, we have continuously developed Chinese laws and regulations databases and extended our services to include law-related software development, online degree education of law, legal translation, legal consultation, etc.

Chinalawinfo Co., Ltd. strives to provide the comprehensive and user-friendly databases for Chinese legal information to our users. At present, we have one database in Chinese-English language and three databases in Chinese language.

Services for English database

Laws& Regulations Database (English Version) is one of our major products, which strives to give you access to English-language versions of all the relevant documents for your legal needs in China. Our flagship Laws & Regulations and Cases databases as well as our Legal News and Legal information databases provide you with full-text access to a huge array of legal information tailored specifically to the needs of foreigners and foreign organizations working in China. To further supplement these resources, our Gazettes and Law Journals databases allow you to view the complete table of contents of the official gazettes of various government entities as well as a variety of Chinese legal journals. If these resources are not enough, we offer translation services as well as a broad array of Chinese-language services.

There are more notes and links in the Chinese text, but we only provide English translations for the main contents of the Chinese text, so you may find that there are no English translations for the additional notes and links in the Chinese text. Please pay attention to this when you use our database.

1. Laws & Regulations

The Laws & Regulations Database includes thousands of Chinese laws, regulations, rules, judicial interpretations, local regulations, and local rules in more than ninety legal areas. Its current collections include the following: All laws adopted by the National People's Congress (NPC) and the NPC Standing Committee from 1949 to the present;

All the administrative regulations promulgated by the State Council from 1949 to the present;

Most of the important administrative rules or orders promulgated or approved by the agencies under the State Council and independent agencies such as the Securities Regulatory Commission;

Important judicial interpretations that substantially influence legal practices and are recognized as an indispensable part of the original Chinese laws and regulations; and, Important local regulations and rules that impact foreign-related activities issued by the various municipalities including those directly under the central government, provinces, autonomous regions, special economic zones and some provincial capitals.

2. Cases

The Case Law Database contains the English translations of typical judicial decisions approved and published by the Supreme People's Court or the Supreme People's Procuratorate in the areas of administrative disputes, civil disputes, criminal offences, economic disputes, intellectual property law and maritime disputes. Each case is an editorially-enhanced document that contains the case background, facts, parties, trial and appellate court procedure, reasoning and law application, and of course the court decision. Cases are chosen to reflect both current and predicted future trends in Chinese legal practice.

3. International Treaties

International Treaties are an important part of the tax law and the legal basis for corporations as well as tax lawyers to plan taxes. The database of Sino-foreign International Treaties includes all the presently effective International Treaties the Chinese government has entered into with foreign governments (including China’s Hong Kong SAR) in both Chinese and English languages.

4. Gazettes (title index)

Gazettes are official publications containing regulations and documents related to the legislative history of regulations, such as explanations, reports, deliberations, speeches, circulars, notices and so forth. This database allows you to search or browse the table of contents of a number of the important official gazettes published by the Chinese central government bodies, such as the State Council, the NPC, and the Supreme People’s Court.

5. Legal News

It contains all the important legal news reports since 2000. This database is a good source to track current legal events and legislative developments in China.

6. WTO and China

China is a member of the WTO. China’s accession to the WTO means that it is a market country and is bound by the WTO rules. This database consists of the major WTO legal rules relating to China.
7. Law Journals (title index)

The database allows you to search or browse the table of contents of leading Chinese Law Journals in Chinese and in some cases in both English and Chinese.
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Services for Chinese Database

In addition to our English-language services, we offer a wide range of Chinese-language services. Our Chinese-language website has three main database, they are

Beida Fabao- Laws & Regulations Chinese Database (,
Beida Fabao- Cases Database
Beida Fabao- law Journal Database

Laws & Regulations Database (Chinese Version)

Beida Fabao- Laws & Regulations Chinese Database is the comprehensive and authoritative database of Chinese legal information, which contains all the laws and regulations, cases as well as other legal information promulgated by the Chinese central government and most of local governments since 1949. In addition, we offer a new sub-database called “Annotated Chinese Laws,” in which more than one hundred Chinese laws are annotated article by article to help readers understand the meanings of these laws. The attractive research function of Chinalawinfo is its two-way hypertext links, in which, not only the laws and regulations mentioned in another law or regulation are marked with hypertext links but also use hypertext links to link all the related laws, regulations, cases, and law review articles together.

Comprehensive and Authoritative

The online retrieval system of Chinese laws and regulations is a huge database developed on the basis of the Chinese Law Retrieval System, which uses the full text of statutes provided by authoritative state organs or acknowledged by the Law on Legislation of the People’s Republic of China. All the texts have been collected and consolidated by legal professionals after meticulous proofreading. In the database you could find all the laws and administrative regulations, ministerial rules, judicial interpretations of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, judgments, local regulations and rules, Chinese-foreign treaties and pacts, economic statutes of Hong Kong and Taiwan, International economic conventions and economic statutes of foreign countries, model contracts, legal documentations, as well as the protocols of China’s accession to the WTO and the annexes thereof, reports of the Working Committee, Chinese and English texts of the legal documents of the WTO and the amendments to Chinese laws and regulations after China’s accession to the WTO.
Easy Search, The Unique two-way hyperlink tech

You can search the database according to the promulgator, date of promulgation, docket number, title, and full text, etc. The two-way hyperlink technology, which was developed by Chinalawinfo Co., Ltd., has greatly strengthened your ability to search. By using this technology you can directly verify and obtain the pertinent laws, regulations, judicial interpretations and judicial cases. You can search for one law with another or with a case, and vice versa. It is so simple and easy, much more powerful than ordinary dictionaries and legal information software. It is an intelligent electronic law library
Rapid Updating

The famous Chinese law website is jointly launched by Chinalawinfo Co., Ltd. and the Legal Information Center of Peking University. Within 48 hours after a legislation is promulgated, it is uploaded to the database.
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Cases Database (Chinese Version)

Beida Fabao- Cases Database contains civil cases, criminal cases and administrative cases. Cases of various kinds of disputes are included in the database. You'll find our product functionally comprehensive with respect to searching and navigation. It is able to show the panoramic view of the individual cases and includes a long list of functions to help you search the database and make comparisons among criminal cases. Basing on two-way hypertext link function, a case can be linked to all the related laws and regulations. User can find all the underlying jurisprudence, practical knowledge just by a few clicks.
Rapid Updating:
Select authoritative cases:
Cases database is edited and reorganized under the strict rule. It has a comprehensive and exact selection of cases which includes each kind of case in the mainland of china. Up to November of 2010, more than 297 thousands cases are selected. (Data renews daily.)
User-friendly to search:
 According to the key words that the customers use commonly, we provide a retrieval mode with multi-ways which is more convenient and omni-directional. You can use the following retrieval conditions: the proceeding, the court rank, nature of the writ , sort of the case brief , the judge, the attorney, the lawyer, the parties, and so on .

Promptly Update
The online update and the multiple update patterns guarantee you to be able to know the judicature cases promptly and comprehensively.

Professional classification
The Cases are classified according to authoritative documents, which is convenient for you to search a certain kind of cases.

Case links to laws
Basing on two-way hypertext link function, a case can be linked to all the related laws and regulations. User can find all the underlying jurisprudence, practical knowledge by a few clicks.

Systemic present of individual case
We edit and compile all the information of an individual case and set a precise link among them which is convenient for users to apprehend the whole case by a few clicks.

Intercomparsion function of criminal cases
We added the intercomparsion function to the retrieval result of criminal cases which can satisfy user’s request of exact retrieval.
We provide a dynamic, intelligent, intuitionist and practical help system. You can share a super enjoyment through verifying and studying the cases.Click here for searching guide
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☆Law Journals Database (Chinese Version)

( )
Beida Fabao- law Journal Database, jointly launched by Peking University Legal Information Center and Beijing ChinaLawInfo Co. Ltd., is a specialized database providing law journal services for those engaging in the legal practice, study and research. This database is orientated to the consolidation of law journal resources, focused on the provision of specialized services, and committed to the continuing success of a specialized law journal database. The law journals admitted by this database must be influential core law journals, and the content of a law journal covers not only the current issue but also all back issues, and at the same time, careful sorting and detailed categorization are made by the content of articles. The multiple methods for accessing these law journals enable a user to easily pinpoint the needed information in a “three-dimensional” way.
Beida Fabao – China Law Journal Database, is a specialized China law journal database updated non-stop and dynamically. So far, all issues of 35 domestic law journals and all tables of content of 6 core law journals have been successfully admitted. The number of authors in this database has reached over 40,000, and the number of full articles over 100,000. The cooperation with more law journals is being negotiated. The reference criterion for admittance is A Guide to the Core Journals of China compiled and published jointly by Peking University Library and Beijing Society for Journal Work of College Library.

Criteria for Admittance

As to the scope of admitted core law journals, we refer to three currently more authoritative criteria in China: (1) Chinese S&T Journal Citation Reports, published once a year by the Institute of Scientific & Technical Information of China; (2) A Guide to the Core Journals of China, compiled and published jointly by Peking University Library and Beijing Society For Journal Work of College Library; and (3) Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI), compiled and published by Research and Evaluation Center of Chinese Social Science, Nanjing University.
Product Features
Specialized journal admittance and comprehensive data coverage
To this day, this law journal database has fully admitted:
China Legal Science
Peking University Law Journal
Tribune of Political Science and Law
Law Science Magazine
Wuhan University Law Review
Modern Law Science
Hebei Law Science
Contemporary Law Review
Journal of Comparative Law
Legal Forum
Political Science and Law
Law and Social Development
Administrative Law Review
Criminal Research
Law in Tsinghua
Science-Technology and Law

Specialized data on numerous law journals are available, and the articles of a journal can be traced all the way back from the current issue to the start issue and even its predecessor.

Academic frontline and multiple specialized services
Most of the journals admitted by this law journal database are domestic dual-core journals with a very strong academic nature to provide the development and information of the latest legal research for a user. The database can provide a user with a gamut of specialized services such as law journal information search and original text transfer as well as PDF online browse and downloading, and can realize the exact display and print of a journal article in its original structure and format. At the same time, this database supports the TXT (Web) online browse and downloading, and a user may search and browse relevant journal data without installing a special software for browse.
Unique personalized search, easy and simple use
In combination with the unique bi-directional hyperlink functions and exclusive search technologies of Beida Fabao, this database offers multiple search modes. The articles of law journals are categorized meticulously and differentiated by specialty to enable a user to browse information more accurately. The featured navigation function can realize navigation browse by journal, category, author and author’s work place. The various inquiry functions tailed to the needs of customers can be used, easily and simply, conveniently and swiftly.

Original interactive functions, unlimited value-added services

Human interactive design has been added to the data functions. This database is connected with the “Beida Fabao” law search system and legal document archive through the bi-directional hyperlink of relevant legal provisions, and a user can get to know the legal provisions simply through the newly developed “Fabao Window” function while browsing a journal article. At the same time, through the journal database, the related information on other database resources can be directly browsed and read. A reader’s comment function is newly added to build up the interactions between users, and such value-added services as English table of content search and browse are provided.Click here for searching guide

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Customer Service
For questions , requests and comments generally or regarding our databases:
Tel: +86 (10) 82689699,
+86 (10) 82668266 ext. 153
Mobile: +86 13311570712
Fax: +86 (10) 82668268
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