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Notice by the Supreme People's Court of Issuing the Provisions concerning Implementing “Double Investigations in One Case” in Enforcement Work [Effective]
最高人民法院印发《关于对执行工作实行“一案双查”的规定》的通知 [现行有效]

Notice by the Supreme People's Court of Issuing the Provisions concerning Implementing “Double Investigations in One Case” in Enforcement Work 


(No. 232 [2019] of the Supreme Peope's Court) (法[2019]232号)

The higher people's courts of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government; the Military Court of the People's Liberation Army; and the Production and Construction Corps Branch of the Higher People's Court of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regions: 各省、自治区、直辖市高级人民法院,解放军军事法院,新疆维吾尔自治区高级人民法院生产建设兵团分院:
The Provisions concerning Implementing “Double Investigations in One Case” in Enforcement Work are hereby issued for diligent implementation in light of the actualities. 现将《最高人民法院关于对执行工作实行“一案双查”的规定》予以印发,请结合实际认真贯彻执行。
Supreme People's Court 最高人民法院
October 15, 2019 2019年10月15日
Provisions concerning Implementing “Double Investigations in One Case” in Enforcement Work 最高人民法院关于对执行工作实行“一案双查"的规定
For the purposes of implementing the spirit of the Opinions of the Central Comprehensive Law-based Governance Commission on Strengthening the Comprehensive Treatment of Solving the Problem of Implementation Difficulties from the Source, and the Opinions of the Supreme People's Court on Deepening the Enforcement Reform and Improving the Permanent Mechanism for Solving Enforcement Difficulties, etc., strengthening the management of the enforcement work system of the people's courts, regulating the enforcement behavior, strengthening the enforcement supervision, and advancing the improvement of the enforcement work level, these Provisions are developed. 为贯彻落实中央全面依法治国委员会《关于加强综合治理从源头切实解决执行难问题的意见》《最高人民法院关于深化执行改革健全解决执行难长效机制的意见》等文件精神,加强人民法院执行工作系统管理,规范执行行为,强化执行监督,促进提升执行工作水平,制定本规定。
Article 1 “Double investigations in one case” in enforcement work means that the enforcement institution and suprintending institution of a superior court conduct coordination and cooperation, supervise the handling of enforcement cases, management issues of enforcement work, court policemen's violations of laws and regulations by people's courts at lower levels in an allround manner, and handle them according to the laws, judicial interpretations, and relevant provisions.   第一条 执行工作“一案双查”,是指上级法院执行机构和监察机构协调配合,统筹督查下级法院执行案件办理、执行工作管理问题和干警违规违法违纪问题,依照法律、司法解释及有关规定作出处理。
Article 2 The people's courts at all levels shall regard “double investigations in one case” as the “three unified” requirements for the implementation of the enforcement work and regulating enforcement conducts, as an important approach for strengthening enforcement management, and establishing and improving the relevant working mechanisms.   第二条 各级人民法院要将“一案双查”作为落实执行工作“三统一”要求,规范执行行为,强化执行管理的重要抓手,建立健全相关工作机制。
In the “double investigations in one case” in enforcement work, they must always adhere to their respective duties and collaboration between the enforcement institutions and the superintending institutions, concurrently check the implementation of cases and check the performance of the court policemen, closely combine the strict investigation into and handling of court policemen's acts in violation of regulations, laws, and disciplines and improvement of the mechanism for protecting court policemen's lawful performance of functions, and not only seriously rectify passive enforcement, selective enforcement, arbitrary enforcement, falsification, failure to implement the work arrangements and opinions of the courts at higher levels, to ensure fair and honest enforcement, but also pay attention to adequate protection of the lawful rights and interests of the court policemen, so as to prevent and reduce the risks of handling cases. 执行工作“一案双查”,要始终坚持执行机构与监察机构分工协作,检查案件执行情况与检查执行干警履职情况同步进行,严格查处执行干警违规违法违纪行为与完善执行干警依法履职保护机制紧密结合,既要严肃整治消极执行、选择性执行、乱执行,弄虚作假、不落实上级法院工作部署及意见等行为,确保依法规范公正廉洁执行,又要注重充分保护执行干警正当权益,防范和减少办案风险。
Article 3 The main sources of clues for “double investigations in one case” in enforcement work shall include:   第三条 执行工作“一案双查”线索来源主要包括:
(1) letters and visits of the people; (一)人民群众来信来访;
(2) reported or forwarded by deputies to people's congresses, members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and other Party or government offices; (二)人大代表、政协委员以及其他党政机关反映或转交;
(3) procuratorial recommendations put forward by the procuratorial organs; (三)检察机关提出检察建议;
(4) problems found in judicial inspections and supervision of adjudicative affairs; (四)司法巡查或审务督察中发现的问题;
(5) key matters to be supervised and handled in exercising supervision and management duties by court leaders and persons in charge of the enforcement agencies, among others; (五)院领导、执行机构负责人等为依法履行监督管理职责重点督办事项;
(6) clues found in the enforcement of major emergencies and public opinion incidents; (六)涉执行重大突发事件、舆情事件;
(7) problems found in the handling of cases such as enforcement reconsideration, coordination, and supervision; (七)办理执行复议、协调、监督等案件中发现的问题;
(8) problems found during the operation and management of the enforcement command center; and (八)执行指挥中心运行管理过程中发现的问题;
(9) other problems involving enforcement discovered by other means. (九)其他途径发现的涉执行问题。
Article 4 Enforcement institutions of the Supreme People's Court, the higher people's courts and the intermediate people's courts shall designate special personnel to form working groups to be in charge of collecting and selecting clues of “double investigations in one case,” and conduct negotiations with the suprintending institutions after submitting them to the primary persons in charge of the enforcement institutions for examination; and a suprintending institution receiving a tip-off or complaint about the enforcement may also consult with the enforcement institution with it as a clue for “double investigations in one case.”
 北大法宝,版权所有  第四条 最高人民法院、高级人民法院和中级人民法院执行机构应确定专门人员组成工作组负责收集、筛选“一案双查”线索,提请执行机构主要负责人审核通过后与监察机构会商;监察机构收到涉执行举报投诉的,也可以作为“一案双查”线索与执行机构会商。

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